Back on the horse

Well, I decided to get back on Free Code Camp a bit early as I’ve been getting disillusioned with with my text book- Sam’s HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It had started out well and I felt I was getting extra concepts that with FCC but then I started typing out the exercises and realised that there were quite a few concepts that hadn’t yet been explained, or not fully enough in order for me to properly understand what was going on.

So I’ve restarted JavaScript on FCC from the beginning. I ought to get back where I was tomorrow. I can’t totally blame my book though. I’m struggling to retain anything at the moment but maybe that’s just because JS is hard if you haven’t done any coding before at all…or maybe that’s just an excuse and I need to work smarter.

I’ve just rejoined the gym and been going through posts on Pinterest for some motivation.  My favourite is “your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward.” Make it so.


1 thought on “Back on the horse”

  1. js really is hard if you havent coded before. i taught myself coding in basic when i was about 5 years old… over a decade later i couldnt teach myself javascript without buying a book.

    ive tried 50 dialects of basic, javascript, python, bash, logo and other languages. if you want to learn coding, start with logo or python. then you too will wonder “why did they make this so tedious in javascript?”

    you might also try coffeescript. it is javascript, but it makes things a little easier. you can learn trickier languages first, but its the tricky bits slowing you down while youre learning the concepts. “learn python the hard way” and “think python” from green tea press (both available online) are easier ways to learn how code works. but your attitude is good.

    let me know if you have any questions, im happy to help (even with javascript, when i can.) p.s. im the author of a programming language designed to make it easier to learn. but *you* dont need a language as easy as mine.

    good luck.


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