Finally, understanding!

Hello, folks.

Been in a JavaScript personal hell what little self-confidence disappeared and I’ve flopped around like a fish out of water. However, I have, finally, managed to fully understand that Profile Lookup FCC challenge. So, here goes for a walk through:

We start out with x initialised at 0, moving as far as the end of the contacts list and moving on one at a time. Now, if the value of firstNames is a match, and the property value also has a match, you return both the first name and the property.

But if only the property has a match, you return “No such contact”. Then finally, if there’s only a firstName match, you return, “No such property”.

All of this is very similar to the original instructions which I completely over thought. I also didn’t allow myself to thoroughly go through my notes which would have helped a lot. So, while I’m still the odd bit or bob off trying again without notes, I get what my mistakes are and why they’re wrong. So that’s a wee bit of progress.

Next up is a session on Object Oriented and Functional Programming. Then a big, big 50 hour chunk of basic algorithms in ¬†long list of problems to solve. I’m looking forward to the new challenges but I’m concerned I won’t manage them. I feel like I’m hitting a natural boulder of ability that I’m not going to get beyond. I really need to get building another website so I don’t forget those basic skills while I try to obtain a different set of basic skills.

Do you ever doubt you’ll reach your big goal? Do you have any mental tricks to get past those doubts?


1 thought on “Finally, understanding!”

  1. accomplishing anything like this is a matter of breaking it down into smaller pieces and then doing those. thats literally how you code things– make it into small enough steps for the computer to manage with simple code.

    its also how you personally accomplish coding goals that are too big for you to do. sometimes a mock-up version of the task can help you work on ideas for solving it, a side-project related to the goal thats too big can turn into the solution itself sometimes.

    you can get farther ahead just by going sideways– learn to like those odds.

    a classic example for me is when debian started being an operating system i couldnt rely on– it was good for 20 YEARS– then they started really mucking it up. while i was waiting for someone to fix it (too big a task for me) i made a programming language and (with that language) a tool to remix live operating system images with.

    now that there is a replacement for debian (the thing that was in my way for a while) i even have a new tool to remix the replacement. but i didnt anticipate that– i just worked on something else. NOW i have tools and knowledge that i can *almost* fix my original problem with– but 2 years ago, i would have NEVER EVER anticipated that. you literally cant guess what hurdles will become irrelevant while youre working on NEARLY-unrelated solutions. good luck! (p.s. i personally thought it was something id never be able to bother with. and i really didnt set out to solve it, either.)


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