Blog one-month anniversary

Dearest readers,

Beyond my skeptical expectations, it’s been over a month now and I’m still both doing FCC and blogging. I have to admit to having a week off after finishing JS but I got annoyed at myself for abandoning the opportunities that becoming a developer could bring I’ve dragged myself back to it. I’m both excited and very unsure of the next section which is basic algorithm challenges. This is where you need to start thinking like a programmer.  Which I’m looking forward to. But will also require me to be able to recall or, more importantly, understand the previous lessons… I’ll keep you updated on how each challenge goes, if or when I get them completed. Perhaps with the odd frustrated winge along the way. No. 1 is called “Reverse a String”.


3 thoughts on “Blog one-month anniversary”

  1. iteration begins with the first item in a sequence, and does the next and next and next until all items are iterated. if you get each letter from a string: “a” ” ” “s” “t” “r” “i” “n” “g” this counts as a sequence.

    there are various ways to start with the last item and work back to the first, and indeed there is often a string-reverse function built in. but for learning, its more useful to build your own from more universal functions (like a for loop) and for every coding, its more conventional (and smiled upon) to use the built in function (if there is one.)


  2. keep going with the blog too. you dont have to blog every day, but try to get one in at least every week or thereabouts if you can.

    ive found that the majority of blogs i follow go for about 6 months. its not like youre obligated, but i hope youre blogging next year.


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