I’m a 36 year old female Scot who is attempting to teach herself enough web development to get an entry level position within 2 years. I started this journey in late June 2017 so my deadline is late June 2019. I’m using Free Code Camp’s curriculum and find it excellent if hard.

I’m currently struggling with depression which has really messed up any career I may have had. As I can’t afford to retrain formally or go back to university this is a rare second chance for me. So it means a lot to me to actually succeed.

I’d love to compare experiences with other FCC’ers. Drop me a line if that’s you.

My other interests are art/design and travel. Neither of which I do much at the moment with the depression but when I feel a bit better, they help take my mind off things.

Anyhow, got to go- less than 2 years left to get this done!


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