Some motivation

I want to be like this guy:


Another Stab at Bootstrap

I can’t say that Bootstrap and I get along very well. I’m slowly coming to slight understanding of it but it feels like one step forward and two steps back. I just get a hint of understanding, that penny dropping moment then, when I go to repeat the action in a different site, it goes haywire…After my problem with the nav bar (turns out I was using the newer version of Bootstrap which wasn’t supported by the code I was cutting and pasting) I was fearful of not knowing enough before moving on. So I built another portfolio site for the sheer hell of it. I’m fond of no.1 as it’s my first but the second one looks more professional. The only thing I didn’t manage to do was get it to smooth scroll but I’ve given up since it’s a JavaScript thing and I’m learning this next. Screenshot of my newest creation below. Zero responsivity. No building from mobile up. But it’s my baby, as imperfect as it is…4thsitesnip

Oh dear…

It’s taken me less than a week to hit my first bump (although it feels like a mountain) in the road. For FCC, I’m tasked with creating a first portfolio for sharing your other projects with.  The format is reasonably straightforward- a scrolling site with sections about you, your portfolio and contact details.  But I spent all-day repeatedly scrubbing out the coding for  my blasted navigation bar. It wouldn’t stay put, text wouldn’t line up, one thing got sorted but made another thing worse. Most frustratingly, the code is all up on the internet- you just have to pick the right sections to copy and paste but even then I was getting into a right mess. I seem to have reached a sort of compromise with it. I’m going to leave the navbar alone for a few days while I sort out my portfolio and contact sections out. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Today was Bootstrap day. Bootstrap is like a ready made css file that you can upload to your html. It has lots of pre-made classes for you to choose from. I didn’t find it much easier than doing long-form css but given both are difficult for me right now, that’s probably not a true reflection of what it can do.

I made an other version of my 1st website using Bootstrap this time. I managed to centre text plus use rows and columns to help with spacing. Still nothing to write home about but I’m glad I did it for the practice. Again, you’re missing out on the glorious animated gif and can’t make out the alternative to Lorem Ipsum- Bacon Ipsum that I used. Google them!

Bacon and eggs website snip


All about meeee!

I promised to let you know a bit about me so here goes: I’m 36 and come from Scotland. I’m not currently working due to severe depression. I’m hoping that, just maybe, this web development lark might be a new start.

I love the cinema and art and design. I used to like learning German, quilting and traveling but my brain isn’t letting me enjoy them right now.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments box below!

Bacon and eggs

Screenshot of first website

I’ve just made the most basic of sites using html and css using most of the commands I’ve learned so far. It won’t be winning any prizes for design but it was a good exercise. You’re also missing out on the glorious dancing bacon and egg gif…I made lots of little errors, generally to do with spelling. Unfortunately, just one letter wrong cause big problems. But it only took 1.5-2 hours so it wasn’t bad. Next up: Bootstrap…

HTML and CSS finished!

Well, the basics are at least. I’ve been learning about making checkboxes and radial buttons as well as how to override css. I’ve started making notes of each new point in my super-duper new notebook which will be my friend during freeCodeCamp.  The next section is on using Bootstrap (?!)

I had a peek at someone else’s ‘tribute’ page. This is a beginners’ task I’ve yet to reach. It was a really cool page on the glories of the sloth. The second beginners’ task is to start a portfolio of work.

FreeCodeCamp has an interesting magazine style news site at

My favourite was this. I love travel and I love the concept of being able to go abroad for a few weeks at a time while working but getting to explore more of local life than you would on a 1 week beach holiday.

Anyway, lots of ideas and motivation today even if the output has yet to match it all…