I was meant to be doing more on JavaScript this evening- which I did for a bit- until I developed the irrational notion that I had to jazz up my clock project beyond the bit I copied¬† learned from the book. So, behold the wonderous borders. Be amazed at the use of a box shadow and blinded by central alignment of my text here. It took me 2 bloody hours of going round in circles losing my alignments and chasing the rectangles around. It won’t win any design awards but it’s as done as I can think to make it right now. I did also learn about wrappers/containers and how to overlap text on a shape so it was a good exercise in itself. However. No more excuses and back to DOMs tomorrow.


HTML and CSS finished!

Well, the basics are at least. I’ve been learning about making checkboxes and radial buttons as well as how to override css. I’ve started making notes of each new point in my super-duper new notebook which will be my friend during freeCodeCamp. ¬†The next section is on using Bootstrap (?!)

I had a peek at someone else’s ‘tribute’ page. This is a beginners’ task I’ve yet to reach. It was a really cool page on the glories of the sloth. The second beginners’ task is to start a portfolio of work.

FreeCodeCamp has an interesting magazine style news site at https://medium.freecodecamp.com

My favourite was this. I love travel and I love the concept of being able to go abroad for a few weeks at a time while working but getting to explore more of local life than you would on a 1 week beach holiday.

Anyway, lots of ideas and motivation today even if the output has yet to match it all…