Slow but steady

1960's female computer scientist

I’ve been working through my Sam’s textbook at a steady rate. It’s good as there’s not too little, nor too much code to copy. I continue to develop my website- it’s really basic and chunky and horrible at the moment. But I know I’ll get to jazz it up with bootstrap once I get back on Free Code Camp. What a knowledge of html or css won’t help with is the poor quality photo- note to self: take a better one in work clothes…

I’ve had 2 major learning points since I last wrote. The first was -webkit/-moz pre-fixes alongside the column lines. I love the simplicity of the wording. Also, I was having difficulties with the headings inside the column wandering off to sit where they wanted. However, I eventually discovered that the ‘page-break-inside:always’ did the trick.

I had to create a table to position my projects-to-be gallery. Allegedly, you shouldn’t be using tables for positioning things but at the moment that’s all I know so it’ll have to do. I’m itching to get creating now and see what you can actually do with javaScript. At the moment, everything’s quite static with html/css.


A little extra homework

First off, thanks very much to my new friend, Codeinfig, for helping me to understand the problem I was having regarding the function of [i] in the example array. If you want to see his (presumably, although not necessarily?) explanation, check out my previous post and look in the comments section.

I’m obviously not ready to carry on with Free Code Camp’s JavaScript unit until I have a better grasp. So I’m circling back on myself (like ‘ spiral learning’ if you’re a teacher) so I have a better grounding before I get back on the horse.

I’m using ‘Sams Teach Yourself HTML, CSS and JavaScript’ (second edition). I’d found a copy in my local library and found it so good I bought a copy off ebay.  I’ve just finished chapter 4- Understanding JavaScript where it gets you to build a very, very basic clock.  I’m now looking at chapter 14 which is Getting Started with JavaScript Programming. Upto Chapter 18 seems to run parallel or a little ahead of where I am/was with FCC. So, presuming one chapter a day with Mondays being an enforced rest day due to other commitments, I ought to be back with FCC in a week. Allons-y!