Back to Basics

I’ve just returned to doing FCC- HOORAY! I missed you!

I found the Moroni book really helpful until 2 things really didn’t click and I found the book didn’t adequately explain them for me. The first was the DOM and ‘getElementByID’ element. Then there was the ‘navigator’ element. When we finally hit a bit on JQuery, I’m sorry but I had to bail as it wasn’t working anymore for me. I’d finished most of the book anyhow so I’ll use for reference as I progress with FCC.

I’d had a bit of a break for nearly a week for health reasons but the thought of giving up completely (creative writing was the next big idea) annoyed me- I do really want to learn to code. I think one weakness in my motivation comes from not yet really understanding what I CAN do when I have the skills. I don’t yet have the vocabulary to either understand or describe the possibilities. I’m illiterate. Harumph!

Anyhow. I’ll keep reading my reddit forums, round ups and your blog entries in a hope to pick up the lingo and open my eyes to what I’m actually learning to do.



Back on the books tonight and the rest of the DOM chapter. It was about using the Document Object Model to make buttons to move your browser back and forwards history-wise, make text disappear and reappear and also add text typed into a box to show further up the page. ‘Dynamically’ as they say. I’ve found the explanations really hard to visualise. While typing out the examples does certainly help, there’s tons of code that I can only hope I’m only meant to have a vague knowledge of rather than actually know off by heart (I hope). Tomorrow should bring variables, strings and arrays so hopefully more familiar territory.